Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What I felt during my brief pregnancy

It was probably more than liver qi stagnation but here were things that I noticed:

SP6 kept throbbing -- it didn't bother me last year

Breast pain that felt like I was having knives stabbed into me for days. This pain surfaced at a new greater level over Memorial Day weekend after which, a couple days later, my symptoms backed off and I had the faintest amount of spotting one day. I think that weekend was when things tipped and my body fought back against the disruption the pregnancy was causing.

Cold feet -- they were as cold in the evenings as they ever were. It didn't feel right to me.

Sweating at night

I had and still have this odd sensation of pressure above my navel.

I emailed Eastern Harmony yesterday and got a referral to someone who has studied with Randine in Seattle. I'm trying to get an appointment to see if we can't do more to rectify my imbalances. I like my acupuncturist but he doesn't specialize in infertility and I've had to suggest that we try herbs or different approaches a bunch of times. He's a little too needle work focused.

Here are my general symptoms we've been treating:

Uterine fibroid -- associated with blood stagnation and liver qi stagnation

I was anemic for years (just enough to have it not be a problem for my docs evidently) and this gave me other symptoms such as phlegm issues (coughing a lot, especially after meals), getting sick a lot (so much so that my friends were worried for me)

PMS symptoms starting right after I ovulated including irritibility, depression and breast pain including fibrocystic breasts (this was somewhat improved based on naturopathic and TCM diet changes and tx)

Night sweats during LP

Heavy periods that last 6-7 days

Cold feet at night, cold hands


Stress makes me lose my appetite and thirst

Fatigue generally, depressed somewhat

Basel temps tend to lull a bit mid LP (horse pattern as per that article you/I recently posted); jaggy temps during the cycle fairly frequently

Tend to shed hair during LP and also since my surgery also during follicular phase

It's hard to be totally objective since I feel like crap (physically) right now but that's most of it.

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