Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Immunizations have been back in the headlines again. It got me thinking again about why I have chosen to do a delayed schedule. Based on all that I've read the CDC vaccination schedule is a one-size fits all program that isn't based on research to clearly identify the most opportune time to administer shots based on the developing immune system. It also doesn't factor in exposure risk (day care or single caregiver at home) or what the combination of shots together do in the child.

There are a couple of pieces in the US News and World Report Health issue out now that talks about the it. They also talk about how finally the NIH is going to get some studies done.

Coincidently I decided to look up the thymus gland today and came across this interesting page about the role of the thymus in the development of the immune system.

The Immune System/ The Thymus Gland