Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Still thinking about that qi and what it might have had to do with this all

"Although invigorating the uterine blood can be risky during pregnancy, when blood stasis is present, if it isn't addressed and resolved, the fetus will abort."

"The herbal formula I prescribed for Christine is often used to treat endometriosis and uterine fibroids, and other manifestations of uterine blood stasis."

"[She] suffered from very severe PMS. About a week before her period was expected she became extremely depressed and irritable....Her menses were regular, coming every 30 - 32 days. She bled rather heavily, and the menstrual blood was dark red and clotty. She was always cold, especially her feet."

"During one visit, Claudia off-handedly told me that every month she experienced vision changes premenstrually. She had told her gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist that her vision would dim and she saw floaters just before her period arrived, and they both told her it was insignificant. According to Chinese medicine, the liver, which governs the eyes and vision, also supplies blood to the uterus. This clue allowed me to hone in on another aspect of Claudia's menstrual disharmony. Although the liver qi had been rectified, the liver blood remained relatively vacuous and couldn't supply both the eyes and the uterus."

From: Immunologic, Autoimmune Factors, and Recurrent Miscarriage

Those things are my symptoms, my normal symptoms I have lived with for years.

I feel like there was something to how painful my breasts were that last weekend I felt pregnant. I think it was related to stagnation. My body didn't feel happy at all and while I know things like morning sickness also show that the body isn't happy there is something that tells me that my body was trying to protect itself instead of giving in to the pregnancy.

I like my acupuncturist but I think he's a little less practiced in fertility. I think a deeper understanding would be a help for me. I sent an email to Eastern Harmony Clinic to see if they know anyone to refer me to in Seattle. I don't see how any other treatment is going to work as just using progesterone last year made me feel so sick and I don't want to go through this again.

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