Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Preparing for Delivery

Here are a few links about selecting care providers for your pregnancy and how to prepare a birth plan that might help you to understand your choices and opportunities better.

Caregiver Selection

Choosing a Caregiver for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth

What's a Doula

About Midwifery

Birth Plans

Five Things Labor and Delivery Nurses Wish You Knew -- don't create your birth plan in a vacuum

Birth Preference Tips (PDF)

Birth Planning FAQ

A Birth Plan

Interactive Birth Plan

Eyes-Open Childbirth: Writing a Meaningful Plan for a Gentle Birth

Preparing a Birth Plan -- from Parents Magazine

Where to Deliver

Where Women Give Birth

Home Birth Reference Site

Home Birth Reference

Labor Induction

Inducing labor

Induction: Getting Labor Started

Labor Induction: Can You Say, "Induce My Labor"? Sure you can, but maybe you shouldn’t

To Induce or not to Induce: Know the Risks Involved in This Increasing Trend

Other Delivery Info

Labor & Delivery -- info from I Dream of Baby

Calculating Due Dates and the Impact of Mistaken Estimates of Gestational Age

Role of the Anesthesiologist in Labor Delivery (Microsoft PowerPoint file -- it appears to only work for download and not open directly)

Expecting the Unexpected: When Your Delivery Doesn't Go As Planned

A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth -- chapters available for download as PDF

Signs of Labor

Online Childbirth Class


Babyzone Labor and Birth Index - a whole host of articles

Getting a Stubborn Patient to Say Yes

Binsi -- clothing designed and approved for delivery

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