Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Still working on it

My ultrasound this morning showed that the gestational sac has moved down towards the area of the cervix but it has not passed yet. It still showed up as a dark blog on the screen so it still is fluid filled, though that doesn't have anything to do with it being still in there.

The nurse checked my cervix and boy did having that speculum opened feel like a treat. Everything is a little more sensitive down there right now, even the cotton swab she used to move blood away from the cervix opening was intense and ouchy.

My doctor, the nurse and I agreed that avoiding a d&c was worthwhile (see there is a reason I named my blog that) so I will just have to let my body do the remaining work to move the remaining tissue out of me which should happen within a few days but maybe a little longer. We'll reevaluate later on this week if nothing has happened by the end of day Thursday.

My head is foggy and my body still feels weird, unresolved as it was. Not as hormonally hung up as last time though but somewhere in between. I've realized that the hormonal changes your body goes through for a miscarriage somewhat impair the analytical part of the brain. Oh well, if I can just push through and focus on design work and not on any more proposals or client meetings I should be able to make it through the week.


Frances said...


Making it thru the day, the week, the month, and so on, is all one can do in this situation. Not everything can be learned from. There isn't always a lesson persay. Not this time anways. However, hope (yes there's that) is always born in times like this. The "maybe" of "next time" carries us thru the days, the weeks, the months, and the years. Never give up on hope, my friend.



Anna H. said...

This is such a long and painful road. I'm glad that the u/s answered questions and that another D&C was avoided.

Continue taking care of yourself, my friend.

We're all here with you.