Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying Not to Relive the Past...

I recently switched to the newer version of Blogger and I'm trying to help improve access to my earlier blog postings by adding in tags. I started at the oldest posts and was working my way forward but I hit the ones around my first pregnancy -- which is now 4 years later (amazing that it is so far behind me now) -- and I feel like it is going to be tough to categorize those really well. I think I'm going to have to just quickly tag and move on those loss posts and not get too particular about what I'm writing about in the individual ones -- it is a little too sensitive for me to read through them again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Possible Signs of Pending Ovulation
* Slightly more "in the mood"
* About that time based on past cycles
* Nipples start to hurt while nursing
* Slightly irritable
* Hair and skin start to get oily, chance of a pimple or two
* Feeling a little more damp than usual (CM)
* Feeling a little softened up during BD

Signs that Ovulation Might Have Occured
* Feeling slightly more irritable
* Even more oily hair and skin
* More pimples showing up
* Can't find a thing to wear that I like

* Headache mid-LP
* Not "in the mood" really
* Slightly drier
* Possibly having odd waves of CM (damp/not so damp)
* Nipples hurt slightly less
* It is about that time based on past cycle
* AF shows up