Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Shot at Improving Your Semen Analysis

(to a woman who's husband was just diagnosed with 2% morphology)

I wouldn't give up hope just yet, since your husband has been away there is a good chance that things got a bit sluggish and studies have shown that ejaculatory frequency can improve sperm quality. You guys should get busy and that's one step in the right direction.

There are a bunch of people on the boards who have gotten pg with 2% morphology. We did it too, though we had a blighted ovum.

I would suggest that since it takes 120 days to grow new sperm, that you repeat the test but after a few months of supplementation, healthy eating, destressing and regular intercourse. Then you could also do as Sonnet mentioned, using a condom to collect the sample -- how you collect the sample can influence what comes out and a longer pre-ejaculatory arousal period is associated with a greater quantity of sperm in the sample (I can't find the reference but its out there).

The UR had us do the SPA (Sperm Penetration Assay) test to see how the sperm reacted with the egg membrane. We did that test in May, the test results came back positive and we coincidently conceived the same cycle. He felt that the SPA (sperm penetration assay -- aka hamster egg test -- poor hamster) was useful as a next step in our diagnosis. This might show how your guys swimmers are performing IRL.

Laboratory Section - Sperm Penetration Assay
Sperm Penetration Assay

Also, having more sex prior to ovulation when you have fertile quality mucus means that you are pooling the available sperm which can make up some for the paucity in a single sample (see POOLED SPERM COUNTS)

Dr Perloe (guest host for chats here on the boards sometimes) suggested to us that the sperm DNA fragmentation test (SCSA) would be worthwhile but we got a BFP and didn't need to -- maybe soon we will do it if we don't get a BFP (having my fibroid out might have improved our fertility).

Supplements can help, we've seen some good results on the MFI board from various regimes that are all fairly similar. I expect that your DH hasn't been eating a lot of fresh veggies while he's been away, so he probably could do with a little extra for now.
I wrote up what supplements and doses my partner has been taking for another board member recently so I'm posting that here, other ppl might have additional recommendations:

Grapeseed -- 120 mg, 1 each day
L-Carnitine -- 250 mg, 1 each day sometimes
Arginine -- 500mg, 1 each day sometimes
Multi-vitamin -- 1 each day
Zinc -- (with c) -- 23mg, 1 each day sometimes
Rhodiola Rosea -- 300 mg, 1 each day

The ones marked sometimes he doesn't take every day, but instead several days a week. He senses that his body doesn't need it, which if your DH is in tune with his body he might find with some of the supplements as well. For starts though, I would do take all of these (rhodiola is optional though it might help as well, it is a potent anti-oxident and adaptogen which can help DH feel better after the stress he's been under -- they gave it to Russian fighter pilots in the Soviet Union to deal with the G-force better) -- he should do the supplement routine for three months and you should be able to see a difference in a subsequent analysis.

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