Monday, February 21, 2005

My Miscarriage Prescription

Here is my recipe for getting through the pain of a miscarriage, which works for any miscarriage physical pain:

Red Wine -- this helps to take the edge off the pain in a way that nothing else did. My acupuncturist told me afterwards that red wine "moves the blood" in chinese medicine which is why it works. It didn't cause any increase of bleeding just in case it sounds that way.

Marijuana -- the body produces natural painkillers called anandamides akin to THC in marajuana (which is humans are affected by THC at all). There are a large proportion of anandamide receptors in the uterus which is probably why marajuana is helpful for painful menses. Anandamines both dull the pain sensation and dulls the memory -- both useful affects to help women get through childbirth. You can just watch how your body's natural painkillers work or try supplementing with marajuana (which I do not use and didn't try in this situation so I'm not sure quite how it would work).

Dark Chocolate -- it turns out that chocolate helps keep anandamine in the body longer so why not have some chocolate. I can't say it is easy to distinguish whether or not this is working but it sure didn't hurt and it was a great distraction and an excuse to eat chocolate.

Herbal Tea -- lemonbalm and chamomile are nerve tonics and mild sedatives and are pleasant tasting. Passionflower tea is a little stronger but it helps soothe anxiety, it acts as a mild sedative and it reduces tension in the body. I found that passionflower tea helped to calm the pain and cramping for a couple of hours during the most intense part.

Hot Water Bottle -- use this pressed up against your belly or back and just rest against it. Also you might get cold so wrap yourself in a blanket if need be.

Tylenol -- helpful with the intense pain of my second miscarriage, which was all natural and at home.

Massage -- Follow up several days later with an abdominal (as well as full-body) massage by a professional to get rid of any residual pain.

Acupuncture -- With both of my miscarriages I had a lot of pain for days afterwards, acupuncture was able to help release the pain and help my body adjust to the change. I also had several grief treatments Internal/External Dragon (japanese treatment) after my second loss which released a lot of pent up emotion.

In case of bad bleeding, try these tricks for controlling uterine bleeding. This is a harder one as you really have to keep an eye on how much blood you lose. Factor in how far away the nearest hospital and get there ASAP if you think you are in trouble.

Hope this helps, keep it on hand for future reference in case you know anyone who can use it.

Updated 3/18/06.

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