Thursday, June 23, 2005

More about intercourse timing

Timing Intercourse to Achieve Pregnancy: Current Evidence

"Timing and Frequency of Intercourse During the Fertile Window
Intercourse on multiple days throughout the 6 days of the "fertile window" raises the overall probability of conception further, though not additively. In couples of apparently normal fertility, daily intercourse during the fertile window is preferable to less frequent intercourse because each day of intercourse raises the probability of pregnancy. Although sperm concentrations drop with increasing frequency of intercourse, in most men performing daily intercourse the drop does not reach a threshold that would reduce the added conception benefit of each act of daily intercourse. Whether intercourse less often than daily would be of benefit in men with baseline low sperm concentrations has not been studied."

This totally fits in with my theory and practice outlined in a post last week. See, my math, research and observations are not too bad.

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