Friday, July 08, 2005

Hey, how about that?

My ovaries started hurting last night. First the left one which I thought was curious as that is my stronger ovulating side and it was the side that had the corpus luteum that sustained (or didn't) my last pregnancy. Then a little while later my right ovary started aching. Just aching and aching off and on for the rest of the evening.

A couple weeks ago, when I went for my scan after that big weekend of labor and hemorrhaging, my ovaries were hurting badly as well. The nurse practitioner took a look at them and there wasn't anything that showed up physically in the scan, no cysts or anything, just plain ovaries. It was interesting to me that I could feel so much and an ultrasound didn't show anything. I wonder if one of those color scans would show up differently though, they show blood flow and heat.

But I digress... Late last night when I got home from dinner with my friend I had my first encounter with EWCM since the end of April/beginning of May. Hey I thought, my body is trying to ovulate. I don't think it has happened yet but we're on our way. And that means that I'll get my period in a couple of weeks. Hmmmmm... a couple of weeks from now...when I'll be in New York visiting family. Argh! AF and family visits don't mix very well, especially with my family being as dysfunctional as it is, my having not been there for a year and a half (the longest ever), my friend with her twins that I need to meet (now just over a year old), my mother with her cancer and treatment and me, anemic and still recovering in some ways from my miscarriage. Sounds like a party right?

I had acupuncture this morning and she did an Internal Dragon treatment after I told her that my body is still a bit confused about what just happened to it and that I'm feeling like my whole being is a little confused about pregnancy now as it's such a start and stop experience that never reaches fulfillment. She said it was a good time to try to clear that out. I shed a single tear during the treatment which was done lying on my back and without an open window this time. The needles were in one just below my sternum, one on either side of my navel but out about 1 1/2", on in the outside of each upper thigh and one in each ankle. Again I was to think about letting the grief and confusion go, ask my mind to not block it and ask for help from a higher power. Definately qi was moving around my body, I really could feel it, how resolved I will be from the treatment I don't know. I did go in with bad allergies this morning and after treatment I was cleared up, pretty amazing. My primary thing to work on is my blood deficiency still, everything else in my system is present right now.

Thursday, July 07, 2005
when's it gonna

My temp went down to a new low of 97.3 F this morning, a nice pre-ovulatory temp if I ever did see one. I don't get lower temps than that, if I did it would mean there was something wrong with me.

I can't wait until AF shows so that my system will be fully cleaned out. Hopefully then I'll slide back into a normal temp.

I did qigong while I was camping and it was so weird, I could feel my deficiencies. Earlier this year I could feel my liver qi excess and stagnation, this time it felt kind of empty. My heart qi was weak and on Monday morning my Spleen qi was deficient. I'm not feeling any excess, just deficiency. I've got to keep my practice up.

I've got acupuncture tomorrow AM (not today like I thought) and hopefully things will be ticking along better than normal soon enough.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blood Draw Results

I'm going to celebrate today because my beta level came back at 12. Last summer it took until the end of October to get that low, and I miscarried/had my d&c in July (I had retained tissue remember).

My hematocrit is low but I can treat it with continued iron supplementation and eating iron rich foods. My acupuncturist also has me on a blood building herb formula.

We're still going to take a break until August so I can build up my reserves.

It's still hard though, I thouhgt I was doing well and then I went into Borders at lunch and passed by the wall of pregnancy books and it just made it a little harder to breathe. I remembered standing there a few weeks ago and hoping in my heart that I would have reason to need some of them. Maybe next time.