Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Infertility/Miscarriage Grief and the Holidays

I've been still going through a lot emotionally right now -- I don't know what I'm supposed to think anymore, and just the morning I realized that knowing that I was going to be around family (my partner's family) this weekend was really starting to stress me out. I don't really know if he told them or not about our second loss (I keep getting vague answers so it makes me think no) and I don't like feeling like there might be comments made about our fertility -- when I'm trying so hard to deal with the stress of the infertility as it is. Ya know?

I found a few links that I thought might be of help, we should all take time to read them and make sure we are doing what we can to protect and prepare ourselves as we go through the next few weeks.

Managing the holidays

What Can I Do to Get Through the Holidays?

Coping with the Holidays (RESOLVE)

Dealing with Infertility in the Holiday Season

Dealing with the holidays after a miscarriage

When Grief Comes Home for the Holidays

Silent Grief - lots of articles, though I didn't see any ones specifically about the holidays.


Crystal said...

Thank you for sharing :o)

agness said...

I hope it helps.