Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baby Wearing - Slings, Pouches and Wraps

I'm pretty keen on the idea of baby-wearing. I worry about carrying too much weight as I've had whiplash twice and my neck and back can be a little persnickety though. Still, at least with a little baby it will make sense for a while. My partner seems cool with the idea as well. I've been looking at strollers but pushing around a stroller isn't my idea of a good time. I'm thinking we'll do a lot of baby wearing in the beginning and then migrate to a stroller as needed. (aka - an informational site that covers the broad range of baby wearing devices and technique

TheBabyWearer -- babywearing information

Kangaroo Korner -- adjustable fleece and cotton pouches and more


Moby Wrap


Rockin' Baby Slings

Maya Wrap - baby slings and carriers

The Ergo Baby Carrier

ZoloWear - baby slings, pouches and carriers

Wise Woman Sling


Little Star Baby Slings

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