Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PMS Induced Mastalgia

Oh yeah, it's that time of the month -- time for sore breasts. My breasts have been killing me and I've been so freaking bloated during my LP that it is not even funny. I haven't been able to get to acu due to travelling out of town but I do have a massage scheduled for this Thursday afternoon. Yesterday morning I took a look back at my blog posts about PMS, estrogen and the like and came across my info about elevated estrogen, prolactin and then vitex to treat the same. I decided that I had to try something as I was just about to DIE or burst or something like that. I took 10 drops in a glass of water and by the time I got to work I was like crazy get-out-of-town peeing. It was like my body randomly decided to drop all that water -- well actually it felt more like the vitex coaxed it out of me. My breasts are still sore but not nearly as bad and my belly doesn't look like a balloon (though I swear my ankle are looking a little bloated still). I think I'm going to keep trying the vitex for a few days more to see if it takes my edge off.

So here's my question to you all, if I've had my prolactin checked and it has been fine then why does it seem like that might be the problem? I've also got that weird headache back, like right between my frontal lobes. I keep getting it during my LP, since January. What the heck is wrong with me and my stupid hormones! The problem is that I don't feel like any of my docs will really listen to me and if they give me a med it will likely be something really nasty. Grrrrr.

I have been feeling bit less painful today thankfully. Maybe I'm onto something.

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