Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy, busy.

Sheesh, there's like no time to post with the baby and Jonah and taking care of the household chores and monitoring work email.

Oliver is 9 weeks already and he has been pottying since 5 weeks, though I started EC with him from the time I brought him home from the hospital. It really helps lessen the amount of distress as this little one does not like to have an unannounced dirty diaper.

Jonah is at drop-off preschool and is settling into his routine. He is there five days a week from 9-1pm. It does sure help to have one less person to mind during part of the day.

I've been sleeping all right, with the baby in the bed with me. Still there are nighttime nursing sessions/diaper changes/pottying for the baby, diaper changes/water/too cold/etc for Jonah and my nights can be chopped up quite a bit. I was doing okay with it until I went to New York for a family event and caught a respiratory infection. Now I'm struggling to shake this cold and I'm soooo tired.