Saturday, July 05, 2008

Last night Jonah couldn't get to sleep so finally at 10pm, just as the fireworks were about to get started (they start late here in Seattle due to it being lighter at night at our higher latitude), we decided to just go with the flow and took him to the park down the street to see his first fireworks. He had on his pajamas, slippers and a wool sweater. He snacked on cereal while we watched the exposions and kept signing "more". They were far enough away that the loug bangs didn't scare him. Finally we got him to bed at 11pm.

Here are some of his latest accomplishments:

* getting in and out of his little car by himself (facing the correct way)
* sitting on the bottom step of the stairs to have his shoes put on (he's liking sitting on anything his height right now)
* turning around in circles
* giving hugs to us and his stuffed animals, he's also started giving kisses again (he had stopped for a good long while)
* putting keys into keyholes -- he will go into our downstairs bathroom and close the door and practice putting a key into the keyhole (no chance of him locking himself in, the keyhold is huge and old and the key he is using is short and small)
* walking backwards

That's all that I can think of right now. He's becoming a total little kid now.