Friday, November 21, 2003

Natural Progesterone Info

This site has a lot of information about progesterone but the navigation is a little weird -- you have to use the left navigation bar, roll-over HORMONES, the over SEX HORMONES, then over PROGESTERONE and you can click on the links that show up there. The directions they give are in contradiction with other information I've seen where you should only use it post ovulation (whenever ovulation occurs).

I have this article bookmarked from this site linked which you might find helpful, it is by Dr John Lee and it talks about why transdermal dosing of progesterone is preferable. Note that it says too much progesterone can "[result] in rather high levels of allopregnanolone and the woman becomes rather anesthetized by it, a state that is sometimes confused with depression" -- so that would be a side effect if too much is taken.

Delivery of steroid hormones.

You can learn more about progesterone by reading What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause(also by Dr Lee)


Anonymous said...

I think that women should be aware that Dr. Lee never did any research studies on any of the claims he makes in his book about progesterone. In fact, if you read the comments from women on the uterine fibroids group who took progesterone either prescribed by their doctors to decrease bleeding or on their own thinking it would shrink their fibroids, they overwhelmingly told of how their fibroids actually increased in size. It's widely believed by the medical professionals that do the research on fibroids that estrogen and progesterone contribute to fibroid growth.

I also have a lot of issues with the fact that there are so many websites promoting his book and selling progesterone products and making claims that were never proven, and most importantly hurting women in the end in order to make money.

agness said...

I feel somewhat similarly at the end of the day as well. Still not all of his observations were without merit in my opinion, and some may be helpful for women dealing with hormonal imbalances -- though personally a change in diet, lifestyle, and use of chinese medicine seemed to turn around low progesterone production for me. In particular the benefit of transdermal appliction of progesterone rather than high doses of oral medication.

It would be great if there was a pill, a cream, a supplement that could melt fibroids away but there isn't. Unfortunately by the time your body creates a fibroid larger than a few centimeters it seems highly unlikely that much will turn it around and make it go away.