Saturday, July 01, 2006

Factor v Leiden & Pregnancy

I gathered these links this morning for my friend Bridget who just found out she was pregnant again. She's got this blood clotting disorder which is one factor in her having had three miscarriages since December 2004.

Bridget and I met up in Chicago in November when we just needed time to vent about our losses and hang out talking about it without judgement. We shared a hotel room and had a great time. I only knew her online before that. Other loss gals, you might want to try it -- it was an amazing experience and we're even stronger friends because of it.

Factor V Leiden and recurrent miscarriage—prospective outcome of untreated pregnancies

The effect of factor V Leiden carriage on maternal and fetal health

Gestational outcome in thrombophilic women with recurrent pregnancy loss treated by enoxaparin.

Enoxaparin ( e-nox-a-PA-rin) is the generic name of Lovenox

Pregnancy, Clotting, and Factor V Leiden: An Overview

FVL-PG · Factor V Leiden and Pregnancy Issues (Yahoo Group)

Anticoagulation Forum -- click on the link on the left labelled Clinic Locations to find anticoagulation specialists in your area.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ann. Now I have good information to take to my RE when we talk on Monday. I am sure she will do what I want, but now I have more research for her.


So how are you feeling? Has acu helped your m/s?