Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thursday was CD16, supposedly 1dpo and I woke up with my knees aching and then after lunch I got a headache and low backache. I told my acupuncturist about it at my acu appt and she told me that it was my kidney qi that was messed up. It might have had to do with the cycle transition from O to LP.

She said I'm still blood deficient and likely Yin deficient as well. Then there's still the fibroid indicating phlegm obstruction and blood stasis -- and liver qi stagnation. The spot where she was going to insert a needle below my navel was actually colored pink before she even touched it.

They have a new massage therapist working in the practice who is trained in Arvigo technique which she thinks I should do after I get back from my trip to France. She said for her patients with fibroids and endometriosis they have been having dramatic improvements alternating between acu and abdominal massage.

One of my partner's friend's girlfriend just did a couple of cycles on Clomid and she's now pg. I'm not looking forward to seeing her as she's been completely ga-ga wanting to have babies and even buying baby magazines.

There's this part of me that hopes she doesn't lose it and then there's the part of me that hopes she does feel all the horror and grief of miscarriage. It's like I wanted to be that happy but I had it taken away from me twice, that and more since it affected my health as well. But also because m/c is just part of what happens. It's happened to me twice so why shouldn't happen to her. It think you all know what I mean, well at least if you've been through infertility and miscarriage you know what I mean.