Sunday, September 06, 2009

I believe less than 10 days is considered a short LP. Your body needs at least that amount of time for the lining to be in the correct alignment for implantation.

I'm breastfeeding and TTC#2. Breastfeeding is all about the hormone prolactin, which suppresses estrogen and progesterone production, and increases FSH. It is common while breastfeeding to have delayed ovulation and a short LP.

One herbal treatment option is to use Vitex, which adjusts the amount of prolactin in your system.

I've read that too much stress can also elevate the prolactin level, as can too much sex (go figure). Trying to reduce the amount of stress on one's body is a multi-faceted endeavor - including significant diet and lifestyle changes.

Another approach is to try acupuncture/TCM, which can adjust your hormone levels, but TCM will also require diet and lifestyle changes.

Someone I know had short cycles and she opted to try Clomid and that worked for her. She made no lifestyle changes, but the she had a rough time while she was pg with hyperemesis gravidarum and the baby had intrauterine growth restriction and had to be born early by c/s. I wonder if she tried a different, more healing approach for her body if she wouldn't have had a better, healthier time during pg.