Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pelvic Adhesions

Adhesions are really common after pelvic surgery but they don't necessarily have to cause you problems or impact your fertility. Some doctors will perform an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) a few months after a myo for women wanting to try to conceive but mine thought we should just see what happened for a few cycle on our own. We were able to conceive and have implantation in my uterus so no problems there for me.

Adhesions & Pelvic Pain
What Women Need To Know About Prevention and Treatment

Pelvic Adhesions

Pelvic Adhesions - Their Role in Infertility and How to Prevent Them
PDF brochure from RESOLVE

Reduction of Adhesions

Asherman's Syndrome

Pelvic Abnormalities: Pelvic Adhesions (photos)

International Adhesions Society
(they are also conducting a survey of patients regarding informed
consent forms
with regards to mention of adhesions)

Adhesion Related Disorders

Chronic Pelvic Pain
(includes some info about how to minimize adhesion formation)

Pelvic Adhesions
(fairly clinical and scientific information about adhesion formation and prevention in a Powerpoint presentation)

Pelvic Pain Needing Treatment

Wound Healing and Scarring - Sutures

Prospective clinical trial of SprayGel as a barrier to adhesion formation: an interim analysis.
(there are other media that can be used to prevent adhesion formation as well, if you are interested continue searching on these terms:
"pelvic adhesions barrier agents")

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