Saturday, July 11, 2009

No wonder I'm not pregnant

I just got done updating my TCOYF program and since I started using my fertility monitor again we have a clear ovulation date and luteal phase length.

The last cycle was 30 days, close to my normal non-nursing, pre-pregnancy cycle length. My ovulation date was CD23 however, about 8 days later than normal, and my luteal phase (LP) length was just 7 days. Well that sure isn't a recipe for success.

A normal luteal phase is around 14 or so days, which gives time for an egg to implant and get settled. With such as short LP my hormones are obviously not even close to the task of conceiving.

This next cycle I'm already on cycle day 12 and I'm still spotting (why is that?) and TCOYF is predicting ovulation to happen July 24, on CD 25. I'm sort of expecting this cycle to be longer, as I seem to alternate between long and short cycles. My acupuncturist said that sometimes one ovary can be more sluggish than another -- being as women's bodies typically alternate between ovulating from one side to the other from cycle to cycle.

I'll just keep taking my vitamins, going for acupuncture and doing qi gong and see if that doesn't help turn things around. I am feeling less sluggish since I bumped up my vitamin intake which I'm happy about.

J is also nursing a little less, he's dropped a session or two so we are down to 6-7 times a day now instead of 8-9. He just turned 29 months on Thursday.