Saturday, June 24, 2006

Online Pregnancy Calendars

I was trying to find one last week, so I could see how far along I would be at Christmas if this pg lasts that long (so not a usual one that just tells you how far along you are now). My partner and I usually go away that time of year to someplace warm and exotic.

With some help from the gals on the Ovusoft board I've tracked down the following pg calendar links.

Amazing Pregnancy - Pregnancy Calendar - Pregnancy Calculator

Evidently BabyZone (requires registration) has one as well.

Other calendars
These ones just showing week by week progress, but not tailored to your pregnancy Pregnancy Calendar tracks you by the present week you are in based on LMP (requires free registration)

Pregnancy Weekly has a little ticker when you register with them that tells you how far along you are, how many weeks left, and your percentage to completion. This is an online pregnancy journal if you want to track appointments and sensations.

You can find others by doing a search on the terms "pregnancy calendar", "pregnancy calculator" and so on.


Milenka said...

Wishing you luck and hoping the scan goes well! *hugs*

agness said...

Thank you Milenka, that means a lot. And I'm in shock from having seen your news -- pregnant with twins. How freaking amazing is that. I'm sooooooo pleased for you. ((hugs)) back at you.