Monday, November 08, 2004

Extreme Makeover: Uterus Edition

"We converted this cramped two bedroom bungalow into a special open floor layout and removed some earlier renovations which were gettingin the way…"

So, I'm home from the hospital as of yesterday afternoon and I'm well on my way to a full recovery. I'm really tired still and reading is kind of hard, I just start falling asleep so I'm going to make this post and then you'll probably hear more from me later in the week.

My entire surgical team was comprised of women. From the two REs and the anesthesiologist to the nursing team – how very cool to know that competent women were working hard to help heal me. I wore my purple fuzzy socks of courage and even got compliments on them from the nurses. I opted for the general anesthesia and other than a sore throat on Saturday it was totally fine.

It took as long to remove the remaining tissue from my miscarriage as it did to remove my fibroid, but already my bleeding has slowed. I had been bleeding for the 4 weeks prior to my surgery and was a little anemic as a result. They didn't need to give me a transfusion and they commented on how little blood was lost – I went for an acupuncture treatment the day before and that can help lessen blood loss. One of the REs said she was a firm believer in acupuncture and wasn't surprised that it would help out.

The fibroid made it impossible to use the hysteroscope to view the retained tissue but they believe they got it all out of there. My fibroid was described as being the size of a grapefruit, and was removed via a single incision about 3 or so inches long. It was growing right up against the endometrium, but it was not engaged withthe endometrium – what a blessing. So, while they had to cut all the way through the muscle wall to get it out there was no disturbance of the interior of my uterus so I've got the most surface area possible to help catch fertilized eggs.

Over the course of the two procedures my bladder was manipulated and traumatized quite a bit. Between that and the catheter the most difficult part so far has been trying to urinate; I have to sit for along time and try to relax and let got of any part I can think of. I also had blood tinged urine but the doctors said it was as a resultof the trauma. I'm drinking cranberry juice and lots of water and am under strict orders to urinate every 2 hours. They weren't sure if my bladder was enlarged from the fibroid or now, or if I'm just one of those women who can't empty her bladder completely (it happens they say) but we sure as heck don't want me to have a bladder infection so I'm going to stay on top of it.

My incision on my swollen belly is a good 5 inches long, I imagine that it will decrease over time. The gum, the walking, the sleeping mask, ear plugs, robe, slippers, granny knickers and my own pads all came in handy. The doctors and nursing staff were amazed at how well prepared I was for the hospital – I gave the fibroid ladies all the credit. They are truly the best group of women on the web.
Myomectomy scar photo - 3 days post op
My myomectomy scar - Day 3

Oh, and the baby making department… my RE said that the way the fibroid was positioned that she didn't think that I would have beenable to carry to term even if we didn't have a blighted ovum and that she expected that I would have continued having miscarriages. She thinks we have a great chance now and said we could try as soon as two months from now, though I think we will wait until February is over.

My partner is exhausted; I think the emotional stress of the weekend has gotten to him. He held me in the hallway last night and hugged me and said he felt so relieved that it was all done now. Poor guy; he was nice and helped watch over me the first hours after my surgery on Friday, massaging my feet and making sure they got me situated into a good room.

So, I'm feeling all right and my abs aren't too sore – they didn't clamp me, just pushed and pulled them a bit. Other than the incision site being sore and my uterus as well in the two spots they worked the rest of my body feels fine – I'm just incredible tired.

I can't believe that I'm through with the worst of it and now I've just got to heal. No regrets on my part for delaying the surgery, I know it was the right thing for me. Thank you for your prayers on Friday – I felt like I was in a warm cloud, so relaxed and comforted the entire time.

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Deborah said...

I just had an adominal myomectomy feb 8,2006. I had a miscarriage dec 16,2005. I had a fibroid that caused my little girls death. My doctor removed two fibroids, one was the size of a baseball and the other one was the size of a golf ball. I am feeling well and ready to try again. My doctor wants me to wait at least 4 months.

agness said...

Deborah, I don't have your email but if you come back to take a look I just wanted to send you some hugs and prayers. I hope your body heals rapidly from your myo and that with time your heart eases from the loss of you little one. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope my blog and sharing of my experience has been helpful to you at this time.


deborah said...

Thank you Agness I stumbled on your website last week and I commend you! Your tummy looks like mine! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Deborah I feel your pain and your willingness to endure a myomectomy.I went through the exact same situation except I lost my little boy.For that reason alone I had my myo a week ago where they removed 5 fibroids.Good luck, God will bless you and all the other women who endure such a lost.

Anonymous said...

Ladies - I'm so thankful for you all and for sharing your experiences. I'm having a myo in one week - 6 the size of golf balls - some of which are pressing against my intestine and have caused some scarring. I just feel more assured that this is the best thing for me to do after reading your testimony. I pray for your continued strength and comfort.

- Maria

Anonymous said...

Hello all....I am starting this process. I am undergoing fertility treatment. I am 31 yrs of age and my hubby is 28. Married 2 yrs and together 10 :)

Today I got reslts back from the xray of my uterus and fallopian tubes- no blockage - GREAT! Yet I have a huge fibroid mass the size of a 4 mos fetus inside of me. I was very scared of the myo surgery but that seems to be the only way for me.

Has anyone had miscarriages afterwards? This was my fear before...a friend of mines had 3 so far after hers. I am leavingit al to GOD. He knows what I want and what we Im paryerful!

Great site!