Friday, June 24, 2005

For Someone Going in for Her First Infertility Appointment

If you are going in to see an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) it is good to have an idea about what will happen, know more about things that will be tested and also understand the range of things that could contribute to your fertility non-performance.

Usually the plan is to start with the least invasive testing and analysis and then progress into more invasive as required. Here are the usual steps:

1. Blood work
2. Semen analysis
3. HSG (before trying IUI or Clomid)

Here are some links to sites and article that I've found over the past couple of years that have been the most helpful about the general infertility workup (I've got loads of links on specific conditions and hormones as well, but I'll have to publish those in other posts.)

I like this section quite a bit for getting a handle on what you want to get out of your fertility treatment. It's very thorough.

Making Your Fertility Treatment Plan:
How to Avoid Hit-or-Miss Fertility Treatment

Here's a good link about testing:
A Comprehensive Infertility Work-Up

Here are hormones levels to reference:
Hormone Levels & Fertility Bloodwork

Another page about infertility tests

This article (Infertility Care and the Role of the Compounding Pharmacist - PDF format) has some info about how your chart can indicate different issues with follicular development and hormones

This page is for a group in Britain that does pre-conception consultations. They are after healthy mothers and babies, it might give more insight into nutritional issues for you:

Remember at your appointment that your treatment plan needs to match up to your social, financial, spiritual and ideological beliefs. Be sure to communicate if you are not comfortable with anything they recommend. I've known couples that wouldn't have a semen analysis due to religious beliefs so don't be shy about standing up for yourself.

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