Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Headaches and moving too much qi

My acu had me on a herb mix that contained bluplurum a while back. It gave me a headache so he put me on a different formula that contained dong quai which was bitter but I didn't get a headache. So, I know that headaches and herbs are related.

From a TCM standpoint he told me that bluplurum moves the liver qi, and I have stagnant liver qi, but the problem was that it was moving more liver qi than I had available to move.
I started taking vitex last week, which move the kidney yang and penetrates the liver. I was doing great until yesterday when I got another headache -- same as before, in the front of my forehead. I guess the vitex is moving too much qi as well so I will have to stop and figure out what to do next.

I found this page about headaches and TCM, it might be helpful to you in understanding why one gets headaches - Arterial Hypertension And Traditional Chinese Medicine In China


Is anyone actually reading my blog? If you are can you please just do a little post so I know you are out there?


Anonymous said...

I am reading your blog, and very much appreciate your honesty about your fibroid experiences! I am facing surgery on 5/31 and your blog has really helped ease some of the anxiety. Keep writing!

Internal Spring said...

I check in from time to time, I had my fibroid removed 3/2/05.

We've been at the same forums. I've really appreciated all of the information that you've shared.

Anna H. said...

I was referred to your site by Internal Spring and am so glad I stopped by! I have a myo scheduled for 5/9 and have been very nervous about it -- just reading about your experiences has helped to ease my mind... thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read about your blog via your post on NUFF, and I recently started checking in as I enjoy following your posts.