Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nursing/Breastfeeding Links

I'm still researching this topic but breastfeeding supplies and clothing are definately things I need to figure out before I need them -- at least some basics. Plus some of my online friends have been bugging me to share anything that I've come across about nursingwear -- so in order to appease my adoring public, here's what I know ;)

From reading discussions online it seems like:

  • nursing pads are helpful, to protect you from advertising when you are leaking in public

  • that breasts get larger when your milk comes in

  • that bebe-au-lait style nursing covers aren't that well appreciated by baby after a while (they want to see what's going on)

  • that you have to factor in for staining on any garments you wear with baby around

  • underwires can contribute to conditions that invite mastitis

  • that renting a hospital-grade breast pump can be worth it

  • that pacifiers and bottles can cause some nipple confusion in the newborn and are best left until after breastfeeding is well established (if used at all)

  • that breastfeeding after a c-section might be a slightly more challenging due to the interference of the meds but it might just require some alternate positioning

  • that breastfeeding hurts many women in the early weeks but if you soldier on it will get easier (just watch out for proper latching to help prevent some of the pain cause)

You know me though, I've been bookmarking sites for the years it's taken me to get pregnant so of course I have a stash of breastfeeding links as well.

General Breastfeeding Links

How Does Milk Production Work -- learn about lactogenesis - well regarded breastfeeding information site

La Leche League Breastfeeding Links

Breastfeeding After a Cesarean

Frequently asked questions about Pregnancy and Nursing -- an page from a site that's all about cutting back on your sugar/refined carbs. It has some interesting points and ideas about balancing your blood sugar and beta-endrophin hormone level (I worry that I'm going to crash big time after delivery since I've been so much less moody during my pregnancy -- this page says that while I'm nursing this can continue though)

Nursing Wear


Nursing Bras Sizing Tips

Glamourmom -- breastfeeding tank tops

Milkface Nursingwear

One Hot Mama - Nursing & Maternity

Mother's Milk Boutique

Bella Materna -- nursing wear and maternity

Mommy Gear - Breastfeeding apparel and supplies


Expressiva Nursingwear

Bravado! Designs -- nursingwear

Milkdudz -- Nursingwear

EvaLillian - maternity and nursing clothing

Miscellaneous Breastfeeding and Related Links

United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) - working collaboratively to protect, promote and support breastfeeding

An Investigation of the Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Patterns (PDF)- a dissertation by Alison Jacknowitz

Treatment of bovine mastitis with medicinal herbs and acupuncture -- when I search about mastitis (or even many fertility topics in general about ovulation induction, hormone levels, etc.) I often come across links related to animal husbandry -- there's an economic incentive for the research in this area (as opposed to for humans). I was looking for one about acu and mastitis and this was the best link I came across.

Normal Breasts Gallery -- a fascinating page of shots of the different shapes and sizes of women's breasts, including latating mothers and post-breastfeeding as well

And for pure entertainment value we bring you the Boob Stand video clip

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