Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ugh. Someone please pass the Tums

This afternoon, after I ate lunch, I started having awful acid indigestion. It's awful. It's got to be the pregnancy right? This is so not normal for me. Blech.

I was just out to dinner with my partner, we went to a nice neighborhood Greek restaurant. Even eating didn't help my tummy though. I still feel ugh.

We talked about stuff, he wanted to know if I thought we could go to L.A. for Thanksgiving and I told him I just don't know. I don't really get along great with his family anyway so he's sort of figuring that me plus a lot of people I'm not super keen on, plus being possibly "all big" as he put it, isn't a good combination. I can't figure out why he is wanting to plan our Thanksgiving travel in June though.

I told him that other than being tired, not able to multi-task as well, and with a tummy ache that the bloating had dropped some and I didn't feel that pregnant. He said that I'm emotionally volatile plus a little poofier than normal so he definately can tell I'm not myself. Nice. Well, it is true. I keep reminding him of how he pushed me past my limits with my firs pregnancy to the point where I threw a book at him and burst into tears at the same time, and that he better not go there this time. (I don't think I wrote about it at the time.)

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