Sunday, June 11, 2006

My strange diet

I got up this AM and was online for a little while, plus I made a shopping list and sewed some buttons onto several shirts that needed mending. I was hungry and so I checked in with myself about what I was hungry for. Cold cereal with almond milk? No. Oatmeal? No...There's pot roast. Pot roast? Yes, pot roast. And so I had pot roast with gravy on bread at 7:30am for breakfast on a Sunday. Whatever my body wants must be what it needs.

My partner got up mid-morning and I decided to take a nap -- so I passed out for 2 hours. Then I made a totally amazing (if I do say so myself) salmon tart for lunch and went off to my painting class (which I totally didn't feel up to doing).

I felt pretty lousy so I just made sure that I sat down periodically and drank a lot of water and ate some stroopwafels (really good dutch cookies with caramel -- hey, all this progesterone changes the way your body deals with carbohydrates so I needed them). It actually did help so I'll have to keep that in mind over the coming weeks and hopefully months.

I've also allowed myself a bit more cheese over the past few days, I think my body wants the extra calcium right now -- and that's okay by me and my body seems to be tolerating it fine. I've developed a taste for my smokey Retain the Fetus chinese herb that I am drinking twice daily as well.

My breasts are even firmer and more sore now, my belly actually feels less bloated -- I wonder if it is because I'm making sure to drink that much more in fluids for the past week. I am still feeling shivery qi occasionally, though I feel fairly flushed all the time (but my temp when I took it was normal). If I didn't know better I would say I was coming down with something. Boy, Mother Nature did a number of us women didn't she. It's like there's no winning.

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Roma said...

You'll be amazed at what you will eat and when over the next 8 months. My dh was appalled the day that I had shepherd's pie at 6:30 in the morning. It was oh so good though. Follow your body - it knows best.