Monday, September 12, 2005

Types of Iron

There are two kinds of iron, heme (heem) and non-heme. Heme is found in animal sources of food (red meat, liver, clams, salmon, eggs, etc.) and non-heme is found in vegetables (spinach, raisins, kidney beans, lentils etc.) Heme iron is easier for your body to absorb, though in what I've read your body can absorb more non-heme iron in the presence of heme iron.

So you want to have some spinach with your lamb curry and then you'll have your bases covered. As an anemic gal trying to build her iron stores I've been eating like that (by the way indian and ethiopian are great ways to get good iron in your diet from plant and animal sources) and taking my prenatals plus my chewable iron as well.

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