Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gyn Appt

I posted a couple places today about looking for a good Seattle ob/gyn and someone on Babycenter's fibroid board gave me her docs name. I called over there to speak with them and let them know my story: 35, TTC, 2 m/cs, fibroid surgery, RE, etc. and also about how lame my other ob/gyn's office was and asked if they could do better. They had an opening tomorrow so I set up an appointment for a pelvic exam -- with a doc whose name had been given to me by a friend a while back -- she switched her ob in the 8th month of her pg to this guy. I'm a bit nervous as I hate having to deal with allopathic doctors and their myopic view of medicine, but I still keep hope that he's going to be nice to work with.

I'll have to go through the medical records I have at home tonight and bring along copies with me to the appointment. Oh and they told me not to insert anything vaginally for 48 hours prior to the appointment. I mentioned the prog supps and the person on the phone said not to use them. I'm mid LP though. What should I do? Use one tonight and not in the AM? It would be dissolved by then. It probably has to do with the PAP though I doubt it will interfere in a measurable way -- who knows.

I have checked my temp during the night as my partner keeps coming to bed after 1am (grumble) and waking me up. I haven't yet had a sustained high temp overnight. When I was pg the first time my temp was 98.6 in the middle of the night as well as when I woke up. I also don't have an itchy forearm which happened both times I was pg. I tested yesterday with my last FM stick and it just showed a little LH as it did last cycle around this time. The curiosity got the best of me this AM and I used one FRE (I so want to be one of those gals who goes in for a beta on CD9 and has a raging great result) and it came back negative as anything. It's still early though and the cycle I got pg last I tested negative on CD9 and ended up getting a BFP on CD13 so perhaps there's hope yet.

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