Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ooh, how frustrating. I tried to do a post via email and it didn't show up and it isn't in my sent items. Bummer.

I'm 5w2d today and not feeling too many symptoms other than sore breasts and constipation. I've got some bloating but not much, and it hasn't increased over the past week. I've got sine acne on my scalp but overall my skin has been really dry, which probably has to do with the cold spell we had been having in Seattle. No real nausea or food cravings or aversions. No massive fatigue. I went back and read through my posts from my last pg and I had more symptoms so of course I worry. This baby us so wanted.


I was thinking about how nice it was to have chosen to follow my child's lead and not wean him early, and to be facing a natural path, driven by biology and timing. It is what I had hoped for, even as we are coming close to the end of our third year nursing and I'm now pushing forty.

I mentioned to my mother about how vitamins through my breastmilk helped my son's eczma and she commented that he wouldn't be doing that for much longer. I feel that I should just keep meeting my firstborn's needs and if he wants to nurse than so be it. Why should I wean now? My body and his will do what they need to do.

It reminds me of the little jabs here and there I got over the past few years from family about how his having teeth should mean the end of nursing (he would barely eat solids until 16 months); how we wouldn't be able to conceive if I didn't wean; etc. I just ignored them, consulted with more knowledgable sources and trusted that things happen for a reason.   

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