Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never fear, morning sickness is here.

I'm 6 weeks, 2 days pregnant today and I'm feeling icky this morning. Like I'm hungry and nauseous at the same time. I missed taking my b-complex last night, as I took it yesterday morning to make up for missing it the night before. Surely that isn't enough to get this blech feeling started.

I'm also feeling flushed which is also uncomfortable and I'm definately more bloated than I was a week ago. While I've been fitting into my pants fine, I don't know how much longer I will be able to fit into the more fitted pairs.

I don't feel like my fibroid is growing as much as it was last pregnancy, which would be a blessing. It measured 2.7cm x 4cm when checked by my RE in October. It was up around 9x7cm at its peak during my pregnancy with J.

My breasts and nipples are more sore, but on the whole nursing isn't that much more uncomfortable than it can be during the luteal phase. J has said he has enough ba-ba, though he seems to be eating more solids and nursing more frequently, which might be related to a supply dip.

I was supposed to travel to the East Coast for a week for Christmas and I decided to cancel the trip. Hauling myself and my almost 3yo to the airport on top of 10 hours travel, while on a restricted diet (no deli meats, nuts, dairy products) and anticipating nausea, as well as food aversions and exhaustion -- it just seemed like too much. I had planned the trip back in October long before I was pregnant.

Man, I feel like vomiting right now. I think I'll go have some toast. Blah.

Anyway, I bought tickets for my parents to come out for New Years weekend in place of my going there and that seems to have ameliorated the situation.

Just about 12 days until my first ultrasound. I can't wait to get a peek.

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