Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm feeling better this morning. Overnight I was still uncomfortable but not contracting hardly at all.

I had a project launching for a client, a photoshoot, and some other deliverables due at work this week and I worked longer hours (just more like 8 hours a day instead of 6 that I've been trying to do). I also caught a cold from my partner that my body has been fighting. And then I think I just wasn't drinking enough water this week. I'm going to rest this weekend and drink a ton of water and hopefully that will get me sorted out.

I didn't like that experience at all. Baby seemed fine, though annoyed by the contractions.

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Hilde said...

Glad you're getting some rest this weekend!

It turns out, babies don't need all that much, especially in the beginning. You seem well-prepared! And you can send DH out to buy whatever you end up needing. Yes to renting the hospital pump if you need a pump initially, and yes to having lots of support (cooking, etc) at first.
One thing DH bought the first week: a Medela nursing stool and a bunch of extra pillows and pillowcases (even though we had a glider, various ottomans, a Boppy, etc). Helped with positioning and my own comfort at first. Since you're planning on BFing, I'd also have the numbers of your local LLL leaders and a good lac consultant handy, or even a friend who's nursed successfully for at least 6 months or a year. The whole thing about whether nursing "hurts" or not is pretty confusing. It actually shouldn't hurt. Sore nipples can be pretty common, but anything over like a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 is a sign that something might be going on, especially if there is broken skin.

Internet shopping for a new baby is also wonderful. I ordered stuff in the middle of the night when I was up anyway. Hannah Andersson zippers and wiggle pants. Infant gowns from Babystyle. Fun stuff!

Can't believe it's onyl 18 days!!!!!

Yeah, Ann!!!!!