Friday, January 19, 2007

At the end of the work day I started feeling really hot and this sensation like I'm gonna die (not really but occasionally I'lve just feel that way throughout the pg). I had just drank two pints of water, and I think I've been behind on my water intake overall. I started having contractions. Not just one but about 10 in an hour. Because I had gotten all hot and flushed feeling I knew that I was pushing myself too much. I had to wait a little while for my partner to finish up at work as he was in a team meeting but we came home and I drank more water and got in bed. I felt so lousy, sort of like period cramps and my body didn't easy settle down like it does. I did sleep for about an hour and a half easily then got up and ate dinner.

As I had a headache and still felt weird I decided to call the doc about it. The on-call doc called back and said probably it wasn't labor but I explained that I'm not supposed to go into labor. He was saying that typically they would deliver someone post myomectomy (fibroid surgery) at 37.5 weeks and do an amnio to check for lung maturity -- which is earlier than my doc and I have talked about and he hasn't even mentioned the amnio. At any rate, he said that I can see how I feel over night, and if I want just call back and I can go into triage at the hospital and they will take a look at me and the baby to see how we are doing. He said at where I am now (just finishing 35 weeks) they wouldn't try to stop labor if I started -- but then again, I'm not supposed to be in labor.

I got my partner to stay home tonight instead of going out. His friends are going to come over and hang out downstairs so I'm just going to knit in our attic (the other hangout spot in the house). I just didn't want to be left alone.

I'll let you know how I'm feeling -- either in the morning or overnight.

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Anonymous said...

Ann, I don't like that you had ten contractions in one hour. I think the on-call doctor was right, you should have some sort of test to see if the baby's lungs are case you need to have the c-section done sooner than later. Definitely, I would talk to my regular doctor about that if I were you. I can't wait to see pictures. Good Luck and God Speed.

Chrissy (Ovusoft)