Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I had a headache all day yesterday, and felt vaguely full of water -- but not really bloated. I couldn't figure it out but it wasn't the kind of headache that Tylenol will fix. It was the kind that I've had over the past week, that's like when I took Vitex and Blupleurum last year and they were too moving for me.

Last night while in bed sipping my fibroid herbs from my acu, with a hot water bottle on my belly I took out The Infertility Cure to see if I could find anything -- which is hard as you know b/c not everything in it is indexed. Then the outside of my foot started hurting out of nowhere and I looked it up -- UB62. When I looked further into that in the book (Governing Meridian key point) it sounded like it was perfectly connected to
excess hormones and headache that I've been experiencing. I rubbed it once, but just thinking about that spot seemed to get the Qi flowing as I started feeling tingly sensations going up the backs of my legs and back.

I woke up really sleepy this morning and still with a little headache.

I did have a chiropractic treatment yesterday afternoon, one of my vertibrae mid back was stuck I noticed at dance class on Saturday. I don't know if that might have contributed as well

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