Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back from Paradise

So I can now say that if you feel like infertility is getting you down that you haven't been pampering yourself enough and you should make plans to go to Fiji. The people are lovely, the sun and sea and coral are beyond compare, and it's far enough away that you don't find lots of families on vacation -- provided you pick the right island resorts.

I've been happier than I've been in years -- no sign of depression for me (though I've got a touch of PMS right now). All that wonderful sunshine and the warm sea -- we went swimming every day and there was no need for a towel it was so hot every day. My biggest decisions each day would be which bikini to wear and whether or not I wanted a cocktail at happy hour. Sooooo incredibly relaxing.

Oh and here was a thing, my myomectomy incision, the bikini-cut, it fell just below the top edge of my string bikini. How about that? I've never worn a string bikini before but I thought why not start now.

I got lots of exercise as well while on holiday -- running, playing volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and hiking -- which helped work off some of my fluff. (Some I said, not all)

Seattle is so cold, dark and damp in comparison -- I think I'll just have to move to Fiji and learn how to weave mats.

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Glad to hear Fiji was relaxing! Just what you needed! And a string bikini! I remember when you were worried about wearing a bathing suit!;)