Saturday, January 14, 2006

What do you think we should do?

It just struck me that I've never asked your opinion of what you think we should do for 2006 in our pursuit of having a child. I don't have a plan right now at all and I'm really wondering what other people think when they read about our situation.

Do you think we will get pregnant again on our own? (it's been 5 cycles since we started trying again -- though the past two cycles I haven't been trying trying just not preventing. It's also been over a year since my myo)

Should we try an IUI? With Clomid or not? (what about the excess estrogen and The Infertility Cure mentioning that it tends not to mix well with liver qi stagnation -- I wonder if I still have that...)

Should we go straight to IVF? (even though this offends our sensibilities and makes it all seem so desperate and only heightens the stress of the situation)

Should I consult a new RE or stick with the one I've ended up with who isn't up on progesterone supplementation? Should we consult with someone outside of our area in another state -- preferably a larger metropolitan area?

What do you think? Please share. Thanks.


Abby's Mama said...

I dunno Ann. I wish I had advice for you. Good luck hun.

WendyG said...

Hey Ann,

I say definately give IUI a try. Doesn't have to be stimulated. It's much less emotionally taxing than using meds & being monitored, whether IUI or IVF. And maybe ditch the RE who isn't up on the P4 issues - you definately could use some supplementation. NPC isn't always strong enough. Hugs...

Jen P said...

Delurking to comment:

I'd personally go find another RE. I know it's a huge pain in the ass trying to find doctors who listen to you and travelling to see them is such a huge issue at times but really it's not worth it to put so much of your life into the hands of someone you're not fully happy with.

Progesterone issues are huge and you deserve a doctor who is as interested in advancing technology as you are. You and your doctor have to be on the same page and if not there's never going to be a real team effort involved.

Personally I'd find a doctor who has experience with patients post myo surgery who can then lead you to a good OB who works with myo pregnancies. I'm sure there are different risks involved in myo patients you deserve someone as interested in your special situation.

My RE wasn't big on clomid and he refused to use Femara. He didn't like the side effects and never found it as good as injectable medicines. He could temper the doses of them extremely well but Clomid is just a basic tablet.

IUI can be monitored with or without injectables and IVF is a real crapshoot. We were lucky to not have to get to the IVF stage but it was truly a last resort for us.

In my opinion and in light of my own journey I wasted too much time, money and pieces of my life and heart on shitty doctors. I can't get any of that back and it was time I could have spent working towards fertility rather than trying to work around an arrogant doctor.

Best wishes to you and trust your gut. You know what's right for you and your partner.

Mum to Sophie
who has severe GERD with DGE
39 cycles, 2 m/c
1 functional ovary and pcos

agness said...

So it seems like the consensus is to switch REs and then to try an IUI, probably unmedicated.

My list of things to look for in an RE are:

experience with low progesterone
experience with fibroids and adhesions (you never know)
experience with low sperm morphology
experience with miscarriage

I know those are standard but it is the interrelationship of knowledge -- such as whether or not our MFI might be linked to our miscarriages -- that matters to me.

Anonymous said...

Your aren't starting from scratch and trying to figure out what problems you may have. You have done extensive research and know what your main issues are.

How comfortable would you be going back to that RE? Or any of the REs in your area?

I don't know if you will find one that knows about all of your topics...but you should find one that is willing to research and listen to your needs through out the process. If you went and let the RE do their normal process I don't think in the long run you would be happy. So you need an RE that is willing to listen to all the information you have accumulated and then the three of you collaborate and work towards the ultimate goal.

You can get pg on your own, but is it the right route? I think you have valid questions and concerns.

Would you be comfortable going to IUI? IVF doesn't seem like an option either of you want. What about acu for your DP that you talked about earlier?

I agree with the previous post, no matter what you have to do what you are comfortable with. Thinking of you during this mazing journey...

nikole said...

I feel so odd commenting when I feel like you have so much more insight into this whole "fertility process." It sounds to me like it would make you feel more positive and empowered to take steps that will make you feel more proactive and in control your situation. I agree with the other comments, and it looks like you have made some good decisions. I think it would be great for you to find a new RE (your current one is not up on progesterone supplementation--what??????) and trying IUI before moving to more invasive or medicated procedures. You will be in my thoughts. I'm wishing you lots of luck.