Friday, August 19, 2005

Call back from the nurse

The RN asked me if the RE had planned on any more bloodwork since my recent panel came back normal except for ferritin being dead low.

She said there is a lot that can cause nightsweats but w/o having blood work to show what's going on it's hard to know what the deal is. I noticed as well in doing some searches and looking at my reproductive endocrinology textbook last night that estradiol levels in the late luteal phase is not really something that is covered a lot; it isn't interesting or something.

She mentioned that Clomid might be an option, that the goal was to get me to have a healthy egg and a healthy pregnancy. I totally agree. I told her that the only reason I'm being such a spaz about trying to figure out if there's something we've missed is that I really really really don't want to have another m/c; if I can do anything at all to help prevent it then I will.

I've only been able to try 4 cycles since my fibroid surgery, one of those cycle I got pg and the last one was my first try after my m/c so my stats aren't really that bad again...yet...

Honestly I'm on a much better course of health than I was when I started TTC. I don't have a large fibroid any more, I'm working on building my iron stores, I'm much more relaxed, I eat better and more regularly, I'm not spotting when I ovulate, I don't have BV. That's how I was when I started out. What a winnner eh?

I've had the night sweats for years, I remember them as early as when I first moved to Seattle when I was 23 so it's not a peri-menopausal thing for me.

I'm waiting for the NP to call me back now as my RE is in surgery today. I'll let you know if I find anything out. I'll also bring it up with my acu next Tuesday and find out what her perspective is.

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