Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chinese Herbs I'm Taking

I just looked up the herbs I'm taking from my acu, the ones I haven't been great about taking lately and if I did they might help out with this. Anyway they contain:

White Peony

Traditional Chinese applications: Blood deficiency affecting the uterus, with irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, or excessive bleeding; spontaneous sweating and night sweating; abdominal pain or spasm; pain of the hands or feet; headache and vertigo due to preponderance of liver yang

Dong Quai (or Dang Gui)

Traditional Chinese applications: Blood deficiency syndromes; irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea due to deficiency and stagnation of blood; abdominal pain due to deficiency and cold; pain due to stagnation of blood; traumatic injury; pain and numbness in muscles and joints; boils and carbuncles; constipation due to deficient blood and dry intestines


Some of my symptoms are cumulative over many years, some over the past few years with my stupid fibroid, and then some very recently with my 2 m/cs and fibroid surgery. Boy it seems like I'm getting worse instead of better as I go down this infertility path. It's a good thing that I'm doing what I can to reduce stress, eat better and drink more water or else I would be a complete wreck.

I'm probably going to call and mention my luteal phase night sweats and my weird results with the FM test sticks to my RE's office since when we talked a few weeks ago she said that some women's body reacted more strongly to the drop in estrogen but my pee test shows it was actually an estrogen surge and not a drop.

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