Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nothing much to report. Pretty consistent brown spotting now, cramping on and off but not very active cramps yet. They slacked off a bit yesterday but then picked up again right as I was going to bed but I was able to sleep through unaided.

People online have been so nice and supportive. Some of them are so sad for me that it makes me get teary. I don't feel that bad, I'm a bit more sensitive but I'm also feeling a bit quiet about it. It's very different this time.

I was pregnant and it grew -- my breasts, belly, nausea and peeing -- then it started to decline and it's almost the same but backwards -- smaller breasts, smaller belly, no nausea and regular peeing. It's weird but having had two losses diagnosed around the same time in my pregnancy, it starts to tweak you sense of reality a bit. Pregnancy for me is something that begins and ends, but not with a baby. It's just a weird uncomfortable hormonal routine and then it goes away. I wonder how I will feel if I ever get past the first trimester.

Who are those people who get pregnant and go on to have babies the first shot? That used to be how I thought it went but not really anymore. I expect something to go wrong. Those people must be a different species than I.

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Anonymous said...

All those weird people who get babies at the end of pregnancy are my friends but I'm one of those who doesn't. Who are all these odd people who can get pregnant just from having sex? I can't even stay pregnant with someone elses eggs.

Best of luck to you and I hope the next time is the keeper! Julie (from Ovusoft)