Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was able to get in for a blood draw this afternoon and I should have the results tomorrow morning for my beta HCG and progesterone levels. They asked me if I was taking a prenatal and then I started rattling off the list of supplements I'm taking hehe. I think I overwhelmed the woman.

As my partner is going to be out of town and he wants to be there for the appts and ultrasounds (he learned from our losses how important it was to have support during these early appts), our first obstetrical appt is Jan 5th. Man this seems to go quickly.

My head is already starting to think about when the baby is due, how this will impact our decision-making about preschool for J for next year, where the baby will sleep, how I'm going to manage with my house in a total state of disruption until the kitchen is done, etc.

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