Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Holy holy! I was feeling some odd twinges last night and AF still hadn't shown up today so I decided to test using the one digital I had in the house this AM. Of course it didn't work and just gave me a question mark.

Still no AF this morning so while heading into work this afternoon I picked up some more FREs. I just tested in the bathroom at work and two lines came up right away. I'm rather in disbelief but I remember that my early pg symptoms not being that different from AF pending.

I'm calling the doc now to see about getting in for some blood work and stuff. It is still a little early, based on my past history of early m/c.

In case you are interested, here are all the supplements I have been taking:

B-Complex (daily)

2 Prenatals (daily, half of the recommended dosage as I couldn't stomach taking 4 of these huge pills)

D3 as Carlson's D-drops (2000-4000 IUI daily)

Liquid calcium, magnesium, phosphorus plus D. I was taking it daily but with all the construction I've been managing a couple times a week.

Slow FE Iron - 1 tab almost daily

Zinc plus C

Emerita ProGest progesterone cream, during my LP

I hope this sticks. We have been trying for a long time.

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