Sunday, April 08, 2007

Poor Boob

I've got a touch of mastitis right now, really early on. It started with Jonah sleeping more through the night on Thursday night so I woke up engorged and then I wasn't able to empty my right breast fully all day Friday and ended up with a low-grade fever on Friday night. I've been resting, nursing/pumping/expressing a alot, taking ibuprofen and now using heat on the affected area. I called my doc today and he said I was doing the right things but to increase my ibuprofen dosage.

Watch out for engorgement those of you who are nursing, it can cause other issues if you don't stay on top of it -- mostly you just need to really make sure you drain your breasts fully -- so pumping or expressing to make sure it doesn't get inflamed.

I've been extra full or engorged before without a problem but now I've learned not to take it for granted that my body can sort it out.

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