Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're using the Sassy MAM bottles and they are working okay. Jonah latches on like he does when he's nursing though its a very different experience to suck at a bottle versus a human nipple. It's got a special soft medical grade silicone nipple designed to feel like a real nipple.

I was showing my partner last night how to prop his head up with his forearm instead of holding up the baby's head with his hand (that looked uncomfortable). My partner has been using the My Brest Friend as well which is cute.

We tried the first bottle at about 4 weeks and it hasn't been a problem. We're now at the point where my partner likes having some fresh milk saved in the fridge so its easier for him to just step in and give the baby a bottle if he's starving and I need a break or just can't be there right then (like when I ran to the grocery store yesterday morning).

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