Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two months old

Jonah's going to be 2 months old tomorrow -- where has the time gone? He's such a good little guy though and it's much more fun now that he can smile and talk a bit more (talk as in aahg, yeee, gurgle). He understands a whole range of words now -- milk, momma, daddy, baby, diaper change. His most common response when we ask him if he wants his diaper changed is to go totally silent (like duh, yah mom) and then if I don't do it within a few minutes he gets mad

I'm introducing the same words to him in French and we'll be doing some baby signing as well -- he kind of knows the sign for milk now (as in understands not that he can do the movement himself). My partner and I have been singing, talking and reading to him in French as well and he thinks its funny. We want to live in France for a year in a few years so we want to build up the family's vocabulary, mine included. I'm hoping to get back with my French teacher in another month or so for weekly lessons.


Anonymous said...

They really do grow up so fast. You can see him becoming himself. Great update.


Anonymous said...

He is honestly too cute for words. I just have to come on here and continue to applaud you for your great blog that has given me such insipiration and courage, especially during my pregnancy with these fibroids.

I would love to live in France! I really hope you do it soon!

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