Friday, September 22, 2006

Sick and More about the Ultrasound

Ugh, I've been sick today. I was fighting this virus that was going around the office, not having too many symptoms really but then I overdid it this week and last night I came home aching all over. I've been aching since -- my knees, my elbows, my back. Only a little more post nasal drip -- my immune system behaves totally different when I'm pg. Normally I would get the full blown flu and be sick in bed for a week. I still need to baby myself equally as if I had the full blown thing. Hopefully this passes sooner though.

My partner's been so excited about the baby since our u/s on Tuesday. He's also just gotten a web-enabled phone and has been texting everyone and mostly about the baby. He's so relieved that the baby looked so right on the scan and he's starting to bond to the idea of a boy already. He said that was the first of many characteristics our child will have.

During the u/s the scanner moved across the face front-wise a couple of times and you could see his little face. It wasn't a 3-D u/s, I was more used to the profile shots you see and didn't know that you could see stuff like that with regular u/s. He says the baby is cute and you can tell already.

The other image that I was amazed by was being able to see the
umbilical cord connection. The scan managed to capture the swirl of the arteries and it looked fairly large. For some reason it just captivated me. Though it is in part the big connection between the kid and I.

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