Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nine Weeks Today

That seems like such a crazy idea, that I'm still pregnant at nine weeks. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm still pregnant and then I just press my boobs and they are still sore so I figure things are just keeping on.

I caught a virus this week, the first time I've been sick while pregnant I think. For all the normal queasiness, light headaches, fatigue and general malaise that comes with pregnancy it is in fact possible to feel worse. I couldn't eat, I didn't want to get out of bed, I had a low-grade fever, and my joints ached. Thankfully it was mostly one of those 24-hour affairs, at least the worst of it. I think that's why my mood was so dark this week though, that can happen when I'm fighting a virus.

Work was really strenous this week, I totally need some more help, particularly since my new project manager quit (but that person had some serious personality issues so it's no loss for us). I've already set up some interviews for this week. I hope that some good come out of it. It's hard to find talented people who are a good fit with our little company. We'll get there though -- we have to.


Nikole said...

I hope that you can continue to relax into and enjoy your pregnancy. I'm glad the virus seems to pass, and I hope that the interviews go well. I was going to write that I hope things slow down at work, but I suppose that's really not what you want, being the boss and all. :-) Thinking of you, and sending you some long-distance hugs.

Caprice said...

Delurking to say YAY, YAY, YAY - Wahoo 9 weeks!!! I'm pleased as punch for you. I'm sending you big cyberhugs.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! nine weeks down and 30ish to go. You can do it!

WendyG said...

Hi Agness,

Just wanted to say congratulations to you!! Sticky, sticky vibes sent your way along with lots of prayers!

P.S. I love this site - you've got tons of great info on here!