Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How My Scan Went

So I show up at the OB's office to check in and the reception person doesn't have me on the schedule. She tells me that she has me down for two weeks from now. She tells me to have a seat. I sit there stressed out and miserable until she calls me back. I wasn't there for a prenatal (even though they told me when I made the appt that it was) but for a viability check. Then she told me to sit down again.

So I sit there, waiting for my partner to come up from getting a cup of coffee and that word keeps running through my head -- a viability check. Viability. Not Viable. Which is it going to be? I have viability checks because my pregnancies haven't been viable. And it makes me sad, and makes me feel abnormal, somehow less than. Then I think that maybe I should have just waited to find out, pretending that this was a normal pregnancy, but then I remember how hard it is waiting and not knowing and that I'm just looking for a little resolution right now.

Finally the nurse calls me to come in, so my partner and I walk into the ultrasound suite. She takes my blood pressure and asks me the date of my last menstrual period -- which was already written down from my last visit. I even brought a copy of my Ovusoft chart from this cycle but they aren't used to reading those I guess.

I get undressed from the waist down, and talk to my partner. He said that if it was good that was good and if it was nothing again then it was okay because we could just go on living our lives as they were. I told him that my preference was that something was growing in there because then we could just hire people to replace me at work -- having another loss would be too hard as too many people are relying on me right now. He's dithering between wanting to watch the scan in the hopes that something is growing in there -- a heartbeat even - versus just waiting outside just in case it is another empty sac. In the end he just stayed put, particularly after I said -- don't you want to be here for me?

So the doc comes in and inserts the transvaginal u/s wand up my hooha-- the magic wand which will let us know our future. And then what comes up on the screen is this:

Yes, there is something in there. There are two blobs on top of each other, the top one is the yolk sac and the bottom one that is whiter is the embryo. We saw its little heart beating, just the tiniest little flicker. Based on conception date I'm 6w1d pregnant and the embryo measured at 6w0d -- so right where it is supposed to be.

[updated to add: I think you can see Twyla Twerp in the scan, right smack in the middle of the image -- the gestational sac is sort of pointing at a grayish white blob that looks a bit distinct from the rest of the uterus. If I'm right it looks like the gestational sac is already bigger than that which is great.]

I'm feeling a little emotional right now. This morning was stressful. But, we just crossed the second hurdle in the race to having a baby -- the first is just getting pregnant, the second is seeing that there is something growing in there. Weird huh?

My doc said to come back in next week for another scan, and then my first prenatal was scheduled for about a month from now. What? I might be having a baby for real?


Jen said...

YAY! You're having a BABY!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Ann. 1st hurdle down. May you see many more hearbeats from your little bean. I am happy for you.

Nicky said...

You are having a baby for REAL~ What sweet bliss!! I will continue to wish only positive thoughts for this pregnancy~ How exciting!!
Your partner sounds alot like my DH. He always tells me it's ok and that he fell in love with ME, not the thought of having a baby. And that we will ALWAYS have us. That's where it all began, with us, and that's how it will always be...

All the best to you & your partner Ann~ Much love
Nicky xoxo

Caprice said...

I'm so completely thrilled for you Ann. I'm sure you know this, but seeing the heartbeat is a really strong sign of a healthy baby coming, especially at only 6w1d. I'll be continuing to stalk you, and keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

WHEW!! I am so happy for you. Now you can relax and enjoy.

Vivica said...

OMG Ann! I am so happy for you!

Nikole said...

That scan looks just absolutely perfect. That's your baby in there. I'm just over the moon for you.


Carly said...

Ann - you messaged me soon after my m/c, and I have never forgotten your kindness to a stranger.

I'm so, so pleased that your scan went so well today, and thrilled that there was a heartbeat - at 6w1d that's amazing :)

Congratulations :)

Carly (ex-britchick)

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy for you ! YOU desrve all the happiness in the world.


xoxox sweet72

Anonymous said...

Ann - That is so wonderful!!! I am sooo happy for you!

Chantal said...

HURAYY!!!HURAYY!!! I'm so happy for you Ann!! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you and Randy! Is it finally starting to feel real?

I hope so. About time you went shopping for some more comfortable clothes ;)


Anonymous said...

The stars are shining for your little baby! I'm so very happy for you.


beth said...

Katie & I will keep our fingers crossed for you!! H&H 9 months to you:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled for you! I was just browsing on ovusoft today and read all about your news! Congratulations!! I will keep you and that tiny little miracle in my thoughts & prayers!

Victoria said...


OH MY GOD~what a beautiful sight! I know it's hard to be completely optimistic so early on, but, you did it, and you ARE pregnant. Take it easy and one day at a time.
I am so happy to read this and see your scan. Wow!


Rhonda said...

I'm sooo happy for you!!

Stick, baby, stick!!

(Ladybug Mom/twinangel)

smilla653 said...

Yippee, Ann! That is awesome news.
A heartbeat is really, really good. Congratulations!!!

Milenka said...

Right on target, eh? Word I love to ehar! Fingers crossed that all continues to progress smashingly! *hugs*

sube said...

What great news. I hope that's all you get over the next 9 months. And thanks for your kind words on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Contratulations Ann - your scan looks great! Looking forward to talking babies with you on Britgrads and praying things continue to progress well for you,
Rachie.D XX

Anonymous said...

Well I tried to post this on the Grads board, but it wouldn't let me log in. Anyways,

Last night I was wondering if you saw your fibroid during your scan. And if you are monitoring it to make sure she doesn't grow during the pregnancy? Or if it is in a different area of your uterus?

Sorry, just wondering about it while I was telling DH the great news!


Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled for you. You have worked so hard, and fought so long to have this little baby. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're an inspiration to those of us still trying. Hugs and hugs.


songbird36 said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ann- I'm so happy to see this update! I've been watching you and thinking of you a bunch lately. I will keep you and the baby in my thoughts!

Kim (kim919)

Chrissyluv said...

CONGRATS, ANN on the awesome u/s.

Ashley said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you. Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

iAnn I am so happy for you. Best wishes!!