Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My stuffy nose and sinuses

Since Joelle asked last post, I actually think the stuffiness started around 2-3 dpo. I ovulated on CD17 (Saturday May 27), after a painful bout of pelvic pain that started the evening before which made me feel very poorly and continued the next morning. I still had EWCM on Saturday morning, a lot of it (not what I was expecting since the pain from the night before) so we gave it one more go that AM.

In addition to not wanting to drink this cycle, I also didn't schedule that pelvic massage that week after I ovulated because my body kept telling me not to interfere with it. It was kinda weird but I just kept feeling like my body was telling me that so I didn't call to see about an appointment.

I believe implantation was on Friday June 2nd, which is why I felt all hot and nauseous that day and I had to leave work early. Over the next few days I felt a lot of qi moving around in my back and limbs, not typical for just hanging out but definately a sensation I'm familiar with from qigong and acu.


Anonymous said...

Well, that was really helpful. I am convinced now that I have a cold - not pregnant sinuses. I did not know that digestive and sinus issues can be related. I'll have to look into that more. Thanks for the insight!

Chantal said...

Ann: stuffy nose is common in pregnancy.. try some saline (no meds in it) to help.. *hugs* I also found that taking an EFA suppliment helped me during allergy season. *hugs*