Friday, June 02, 2006

Feeling Ill

Here's my note to my acu from today:

I've continued having some digestive disturbance over this week as well, though my schedule was so full that I didn't have time to get in for an appointment. Sometimes after meals I just feel like I'm so nauseous, other times I'm badly constipated. When I do have bowel movements it alternates between dry and firm or very soft and a lot at once.

This week I've also been having some sinus congestion/bordering on infection. I took half a dose of Nyquil last night and it didn't seem to help. I know that sinus issue and digestive issues can be related sometimes.

This morning I woke up and my lower back felt bad, also since I ovulated over last weekend (which was painful and congested feeling in my lower right abdomen and lasted from Friday evening until Saturday morning) my points in my ankles and that spot above my ankle bone have been very achey. I bet if you saw me you would needle all my spleen points on my legs.

I was feeling so bad this afternoon (like I might throw up or have diarhea) that I left work early, I have a .1 degree temperature.

Is there anything I should do or take? I just feel so lousy.

--- and here's what she wrote back ---

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so awful! I got your email today when I came in for the morning and just wanted to get a quick email off to you for the weekend. First, I hope you are feeling better already!...if not I am hoping that you are able to rest up over the weekend because it sounds like you have had a very hectic schedule.

I have been thinking more about abdominal massage for you. The symptoms you are having currently lead me to believe you would really benefit from getting abdominal massage in combination with the acupuncture both for pain/ cramping and digestive disturbances, in addition to being excellent for fertility. Hopefully it will fit in your schedule to see either myself or Danisha (abdominal massage) in the upcoming week.

Until then, I think eating something very easy on your digestion such as a chicken noodle soup. Try putting some fresh ginger into the soup or have ginger tea to help calm and decrease nausea. Peppermint tea might also help and benefit the sinuses as well. Although it may be tender along the spleen channel, some gentle massaging of those points will help. You may also try some clock-wise (12 o'clock being at your navel) direction gentle massage of your low abdomen.

Hope this helps and your weekend goes well.

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